A bonus feature of the 2018 New Mexico Master Gardeners Conference is the opportunity to own one of two beautiful quilts. The quilts will be on display during the conference. Each Quilt Raffle ticket gives you a chance at winning one of the two quilts. However, we are limiting the chance so that no one person can win both quilts. How the raffle will work:

    1. The holder of the first winning quilt raffle ticket drawn (if present at drawing) can select one of the two quilts.
    2. The holder of the second winning raffle ticket drawn wins the remaining quilt. However, if the first winner is not present at the drawing, the second winner can select which quilt they would like and the first winner gets the remaining quilt.

Raffle Tickets Sales: At the conference on Saturday, September 1, 2018.

Quilt Raffle Drawing: Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 5 PM at the conference.

Quilt Raffle Tickets: $10 each.

Quilt #1 – Southwest Sampler Quilt

This 65” x 77” sampler quilt showcases several quilt block patterns surrounded by a multicolored serpentine border. The color palette will complement any Southwestern interior. Sue Harris made each quilt block to marry traditional with modern designs. Leona Van Leeuwenhoek completed the quilt fabrication. This quilt is valued at $600. Donated by Thimbleweed Quilters.

Quilt #2 – Beautiful Garden Quilt

This 97” x 99” quilt is queen-sized in lavender floral, cream and mint green hues. This quilt is valued at $1,000. Donated by New Mexico Quilter’s Association (NMQA)