2018 New Mexico Master Gardeners Conference

Sustainable Gardens in New Mexico

The focus of the 2018 New Mexico Master Gardeners Conference, hosted by the Sandoval County Master Gardeners, is the challenges and rewards of sustainable gardening in New Mexico.

Featuring local speakers, the conference message is that all of us can do something to support sustainable gardens in our own yards, neighborhoods and communities.

The New Mexico tradition of growing food in the high desert is thousands of years old. Pueblo peoples
have practiced these growing techniques continuously from ancient times to today.

A variety of topics will address practical approaches the home gardener can use to create sustainable
gardens. There will be presentations on:

  • Pollinators and providing for them year round
  • Home composting
  • Water wise growing
  • Determining your carbon footprint

There will be a Seed Expo in the morning, featuring a seed exchange and experts in seed saving. In the
afternoon, there will be a Soil Fertility and Season Extension Expo to help the home gardener create a
more sustainable garden.

Master gardeners play important community roles. We are frequently asked to help guide local projects for schools, churches, and other venues. This conference will offer presentations designed to help master gardeners bring sustainable practices to their communities.

Some breakout sessions will be offered twice. Sessions will provide information that is practical, inspiring, fun and educational, including hands on activities and group discussions to share experiences about favorite topics.

Conference Sessions & Topics

KEYNOTE TOPIC: Finding New Ground — Read more….
Speaker: Jeff Goebel

Topic: Shift Happens: The Power of Consensus — Read more….
Speaker: Jeff Goebel

Topic: How to Garden for Pollinators Across the Four Seasons — Read more….
Speaker: Ashley Bennett. PhD

Topic: Home Composting — Read more….
Speaker: John Zarola

Topic: Desert Lessons: Water Wise Growing for Home Gardener — Read more….
Speaker: Tiana Baca

Topic: Starting Your Own Community Garden — Read more….
Speaker: Penny Davis

Topic: Roadrunner Food Bank: Lessons in Sustainability — Read more….
Speaker: Brian Brown, Development Officer Roadrunner Food Bank

Topic: What’s Your Carbon Footprint? — Read more….
Speaker: Bruce Milne, PhD

Topic: Climate-Resilient Plants: Maybe Not What Your Grandma Grew — Read more….
Speaker: Judith Phillips

Topic: Propagating Mycorrhizal Fungi to Support Your Plants, a Partnership that Sustains Many of the Plants on Earth — Read more….
Speaker: Vickie Peck, PhD

Topic: Plant Communities Suitable for Green Roofs in Arid Regions — Read more….
Speaker: Rachel H. Gioannini, PhD

Topic: Gardens in the Sand: Early Pueblo and Spanish Landscapes in New — Read more….
Speaker: Baker H. Morrow, FASLA

Topic: Beyond Edible Landscaping, Health and Well-Being in Your Backyard — Read more….
Speaker: Eric Garretson

Topic: Native Bees — Read more….
Speaker: Olivia Messinger Carril, PhD