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Develop Your Own Vegetables: Purposeful Seed Saving

Whether you have a few raised beds or an acre, every vegetable gardener should be a plant breeder. Those heirloom vegetables you enjoy are available because someone just like you started saving seeds from their healthiest, tastiest, and locally adapted plants. If you are a curious gardener and want varieties that adapt to our rapidly shifting weather patterns and climate, you must develop them yourself. Find out how simple it is to develop your own varieties, no extra time or garden space required. Learn how to select traits for the vegetables you want to develop. In 5 years, we may see your heirloom for sale in Seed Savers Exchange or Native Seed Search.

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Develop Your Own Flower and Herb Varieties: Purposeful Seed Saving

Double blossoms, variegated leaves, pineapple flavored sage, and purple roses: many began as happy accidents in nature and have been taken to the next level by intentional seed selection by home gardeners. Whether you desire a more drought and sun-tolerant Rudbeckia, a Salvia with stronger stems or a single color from a mix of Papavers, breeding plants and creating new varieties is something everyone can do. Many bulbs, annuals and perennials, both open-pollinated and hybrid, can be transformed over time through the art of purposeful selection. Learn how to select traits and cross pollinate plants to create and grow beautiful and unique flower and herb varieties for your landscape.

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Extending Seasons Enhancing Fertility Expo